Vie de Fem is the brand new magazine created by Chief Editor Vani Ferulano and Creative Director Lucia Fainzilber. We love these beautiful images Lucia shot for the first ever issue, click here to see more on their website!

Since the pandemic started I realized that our health is our most valuable tool, that’s how I started to really change some everyday life habits and connect with my body in a different way: acknowledging what we need and what we don’t. Personally, it has been a journey that also reached Spirituality. The calmness and solitude of the lockdown allowed me to start moving things inside myself.

When we started thinking in VDF this was something that was crucial for us: sharing all these experiences which can make others become a better version of themselves.

My professional journey started in Art Direction in filmmaking. I wanted to rescue and reproduce into a frame the beauty I saw in the mundane. I moved forward into colorimetry, where I realized that my passion for color was actually something that had a huge industry behind. Since I was a kid I was obsessed with the Red of Dorothy’s shoes and throughout my life, everything became intrinsically connected to color. Photography later allowed me to make all these worlds merge.

Although photography is the language in which I express how I see the world, becoming VDF’s Creative Director has been a goal I always wanted to achieve. As an image-maker, I always wanted to be part of the moment in which the seed of a project is planted.

Click here to see more of Lucia’s work.