John-Paul Pietrus is embracing video as well as photography and collage in his Quarantine project ‘Let’s ZOOM’. For every six shoots, Pietrus creates a dynamic and cacophonous collage of six videos playing all at once in aa Zoom screen, showing a diverse slice of quarantine life in each of his subjects, and paying homage to the Zoom call format itself.

With an intimate relationship with the subjects, John-Paul can create videos and photos beyond a typical point of view. As Jay Hesse, former Porter Magazine art director, said he “gets the models to do things other photographers can’t”. 

John-Paul is using his signature collage, combining both photos and videos, the result is four dimensional. 
His casting is international and inclusive. London to Buenos Aires to Utah, Nairobi and Seoul…the reach is global. 

He is using the tools social distancing forced us to in a way that compliments the work and stays true to his message.

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