Claudio Porcarelli is a Rome based photographer, specializing in portraiture.

Claudio is one of the most renowned portrait photographers of the movie world and show business, shooting for a wide range of publications internationally. He has shot for more than 250 movie productions and his work has been featured in numerous books and exhibitions. He also returns to Festival del Cinema di Venezia every year as the official photographer.

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He started his career working as a reporter for one of the most important media agencies in Italy, Roma Press Photo, where he stayed for four years. He started working in cinemas after working for “Ciak”, “Sorrisi e Canzoni” and “Reporters Associati”, later starting his own studio specializing in portraiture.

To this day he’s been part of 42 photography exhibitions.

His gallery of “FAMOSI”, almost the other face of this daily job is made by little things, minimum choices, the choices that sometime dismay magazines for their rigorous essentiality, sometimes considered “too difficult”. Kept at arm distance every temptation of the easy glamour or sex appeal, perfect for any season, the “Famosi” of Claudio Porcarelli will look at you straight in the eyes, will forcely pull you to them. 

Piera De Tassis – Ciak Mag Editori in chief

The man that could photograph the stars. A former boy, in love with photography, groomed by the paparazzi school with his black and white prints and memories that he can link to every face, every pose. He could hang the camera strap and gaze at the “famosi” that stood in front of him.  Instead, he grabs his LEICA and keeps looking for news and faces, books meetings and shoots to earn the cover of the most prestigious magazines and newspapers in the world, with the same enthusiasm of the boy he was back then.

Mattia Schieppati – Journalist  @ GQ